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Depth of Fields: Larisa Graham - Part 1 - Page 2
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Larisa GrahamJE: What's your next trip/vacation that has you enjoying the outdoors?

LG: My boyfriend, a few friends and I are going to Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks in October. Our friend Rohka is from Cambodia, so it's going to be amazing to visit when we have someone who knows the area and the people. Some of his family still lives there, so we're going to travel and stay with them for some of the trip. I plan on shooting some great video and getting a lot of amazing photos.

JE: Larisa, you are our first videographer we have profiled. How long have you been working as a professional videographer?

LG: I've been doing this professionally since 2007, but just recently started doing freelance videography. I figured with the way the economy is I need to look out for myself and there's no better way to do so that be your own boss.

JE: What is the most challenging aspect of running a business shooting and editing video?

LG: This is probably the hardest question for me to answer because I love what I do so much, so it never really feels like work. But, if I had to pick a challenging aspect I think it would be how fast the technology changes. I just started using a DSLR for video and I felt like I basically had to teach myself how to use a camera again. Or, I'll buy the latest version of Final Cut Pro and by the time I install it, there's a new version out. It can be frustrating and expensive, but we all like new stuff.

JE: Each assignment you are on can require different video equipment. What is your typical set-up when you go on assignment?

LG: I recently decided to jump on the DSLR video band wagon, I shoot with a Canon EOS 60D, a 72-200mm lens--I've been renting other lenses until I can decide which other ones to buy. For sound I use the Rodeo VideoMic and a lavalier. For stabilization, a fluid head tripod, monopod and an LCD viewfinder. I also recently bought a Fly Cam Steadicam, but haven't used it a ton, I still need to test it out some more.

JE: There is so much garbage that is uploaded to YouTube. I roll my eyes at some of what people actually upload. But there are hobbyists that are striving to be better. What simple advice would you give to hobbyists for making their videos look polished?

LG: I think one of the simplest things I can say is put some thought into each shot. I know that sounds obvious, but it's a simple thing that can make your video so much better. I see all these videos where people just shoot straight on and you can tell they're not really thinking about how their shot would look best. Try a few different angles, and then pick the best when you get into post.

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