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Depth of Fields: Stephanie Hager - Part 2 - Page 2
Written by Jason Elliot   
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SH:I did a photo shoot with Olympic athletes and that was a blast. Their bodies are amazing and so finely tuned. The project was a huge success.

JE: How often do you have overnight travel involved with you assignments? Tell us about a place for a shoot you may never have visited if it wasn't due to a particular assignment.

SH: Quite often I travel overnight to work. I try to bring my family with me and so we usually end up adding more time to explore things. One exciting job was in Costa Rica for a travel company. It was great to see the Arenal volcano, the hot springs, and the jungles.

JE: Photoshop will illicit differing responses from photographers. How much do you utilize photo editing software?

SH: I love Photoshop. It is just another tool in the tool box. I like to create the images in camera as much as possible. I like the art and science of photography. It's fun to work in PS, but I don't like to spend a whole day in front of a computer. It makes me cranky when I can't be in nature.

JE: Can you share a future assignment that we should look for?

SH: I am heading to Mammoth Lakes, CA the end of July. I will be photographing mountain biking, lifestyle, and hiking for my stock agencies ( and

JE: Your family asks you how you want to spend the day – at the beach or on the hiking trails? What's your choice?

SH: Hiking trails. I love all of nature, but the mountains hold a special place in my heart.

JE: How many episodes of Laguna Beach or The Hills on MTV did you ever watch? Do you think Brodie Jenner from both those shows is a hottie?

SH: We don't watch much TV. If we do it's PBS, Nature, or a DVD. I don't know those shows - sorry!

JE: What current movie star do you think would make a credible candidate for Governor of California?

SH: I don't know who would want such a stress-filled job!

JE: What's your worst Southern California traffic experience?

SH: I try to avoid the rush hours. I usually have a book on tape so that we can do something fun while sitting in a car. It's nice because when my family is with me, we can all listen to the same book and discuss it!

JE: What makes SoCal so much better than NoCal?

SH: People usually think I'm from NoCal! I don't think one is better then the other.

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