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Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook - 5th Edition

Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook - 5th Edition
This updated version of. Authors: Andrew Doughty. Softcover; 312 pages; color photographs and maps. Wizard Publications, Inc.; copyright 2010. The author hikes all the trails, rides the boats, scuba dives the reefs, dines in the restaurants and shares all the secrets he finds. Everything is reviewed anonymously-this book and a rental car are all you need to discover what makes Maui so exciting. Specifically created maps include access to the most remote beaches, mile markers and hiking trails in easy-to-follow format. Clear, concise directions get you to those hard-to-find places; you'll find scores of hidden gems listed nowhere else. Features website links to every business, last-minute updates and more. Available exclusively to readers, web pages expand on all accommodation reviews with aerial photos of all the resorts. Driving tours of the island let you structure your trip your way. Also featuers actual prices for restaurants, hotels and activities (not vague symbols such as 3 forks or general terms to indicate meal prices). Brutally honest reviews. Special section on island adventures. Fascinating stories and legends from all around the island.


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