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Bleuet Stove with Cookset - 2012 Overstock

Bleuet Stove with Cookset - 2012 Overstock
With an all-in-one nesting design and lightweight, durable construction, the Bluet Stove with Cookset is a great choice for heating up water or making simple meals on fast and light camping trips. Hard-anodized aluminum pot and stove are very lightweight-combined, they tip the scales at only 10 oz. Stove is powered by Bluet or Esbit solid fuel tablets (not included); manufacturer recommends using the Bluet 14g or 25g fuel cubes. Tablets easily light with a match or lighter, and they can be extinguished and saved for reuse. Slide the door to control the flow of oxygen to regulate the rate that the fuel burns. When not in use, the stove stows neatly inside the pot for convenient packing. Pot has graduations in both ounces and milliliters. Folding handles on the pot are coated to protect your hands from heat. Includes a mesh stuff sack. Overstock.


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