You have landed here: Home Cocoa

Owner: Jason Elliot

Birthdate:  March 2007

Breed(s): Mini Pinscher, Jack Russell Terrier and Pampered Princess

Sex: I hump the throw pillows on the couch. Oh, I’m a chick

Weight: 17 lbs.

Favorite Treat/Food: An unattended turkey sandwich

Favorite Toy: My pink indestructible bone

Special Talent: Finding geocaches in heavy brush and vegetation

What Makes Me Bark: Anyone that delivers mail or packages and squirrels

I Like: Going hiking, my daily walks in the mornings and evenings, napping in any of my 7 dog beds, attending to my post in the front window monitoring neighborhood activity

I’ll be Your Best Friend If: You rub my chest and belly and let me lick your face

I’m Not Supposed to But I: Use the family room as my own personal bathroom


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