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Depth of Fields: Stephanie Hager - Part 1
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Stephanie HagerA SoCal native, Stephanie Hager and her family live in picturesque coastal town of Coronoa Del Mar. Hager's photography career has spanned 15 years and her shots have filled the pages of outdoor industry magazines - Backpacker and Outside to name a few of the many. She took some time to share about her family, personal interests and career specifics in Part 1 of our August Depth of Fields interview

Jason Elliot: Stephanie, thanks for carving some time out to let the peeps get to know you. You and your family reside in the beautiful town of Corona Del Mar. Are you from that area or did you migrate from elsewhere?

SH; I actually spent some of my childhood about 5 streets over from where I live now!. I'm a 3rd generation Southern California native. I moved around a bit as a kid, but it was all in the Southern part of CA.

JE: Your African dwarf frogs, give us the scoop. How long have you had them? What are their names? What funny stuff have they done?

SH: My daughter has 2 African Dwarf Frogs named Bubbles and Jumpy. They are really cute and do a cool thing called "burbling". That is where they kind of float in the water (as if standing) all spread out and very zen-like. They are aquatic frogs and share their home with shrimp and snails. Sometimes the shrimp like to ride on the frogs backs!

JE: What types of outdoor activities do you and your family enjoy? Do you, your husband or daughter surf for fun?

SH: We're not surfers, sad to say with the great beached here. We love camping, mountain biking, hiking,rollerblading, yoga, music festivals, and backpacking.

JE: Does your husband share your passion for creativity as an advocation or hobby? How about your daughter? What types of creative activities does she enjoy?

SH: Yes, my husband and daughter love creating images as well. My husband is a true Renaissance man and can pick up pretty much any instrument and play it. (Saxophone is his first love). He can also fix anything.

Our daughter is 7 and enjoys creating constantly - making up songs, stories, writing books, ceramics, painting, etc. We home school, so she is fortunate to have the time to explore a lot of different activities/interests and develop those as much as she wishes.

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