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Depth of Fields: Tristan Greszko - Part 1
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Tristan Greszko starts our newest monthly feature, Depth of Fields. Each month will eInterview a prominent outdoor and action sports photographer and showcase some of their work.

Greszko, a Jackson, Wyoming-based adventure photographer, has photo credits consistently featured in the A-list of snowsports publications – SKI, Powder, Alpinist, Skiing, Freeskiier,, and Backcountry Magazine.

His latest video project is a time lapse masterpiece, A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry. A snippet of Greszko's work is located at the end of the eInterview. Read Part 2 to the interview.

Tristan Greszkophoto/Tristan GreszkoJason Elliot: Tristan, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is where you are based. Have you always lived there?

Tristan Greszko: Jackson’s been home for five years now, but I’ve lived all over - I grew up in Virginia, moved to Upstate New York in high school, college (plus 2 years after) in Atlanta, and spent time in London and Vermont before moving to Wyoming.

Getting here was a multi-year process, I was working in an ad agency in Atlanta after coming back from London, feeling really unhappy and unfulfilled, and a bunch of us took a spring break ski trip to Vermont.

It was such a refreshing contrast to my life in Atlanta that I had to find a way to live and work in the mountains - I called in sick the day after we got home, and put in my two weeks the first day back in the office. That fall I moved to Vermont for a job in the marketing department at Okemo, writing the snow report and shooting the photo of the day for their website. The next spring there happened to be a job open in the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort marketing department, so I applied and, well, here I am five years later.

JE: What are your passions outside of photography? How often are you able to pursue them?

TG: I could say skiing and traveling mostly, but to simplify it, I guess it’s really just exploring and seeing new things, whether it’s in the mountains, the desert, or getting lost in a new city. It’s about finding little (or big) adventures wherever you are in life. Jackson’s great because we have really incredible mountain biking, hiking, and climbing right out the door, with all sorts of critters, bears, wolves, eagles and such, just to keep things interesting.

That was part of my realization in Atlanta when I was so unhappy - that there’s all kinds of amazing things to see and do out there in there world, and sitting around at a desk wasn’t getting me any closer to any of them. This all might sound a little cliché, but that’s only because it’s something people love to talk about but don’t actually do anything about. At this point my so-called passions and my life are fully intertwined, inseperable, and I’m able to get out and see the world – while “working” – every day.

JE: On a Saturday night, where can you be found? Doing what?

TG: Oh man, there are no typical Saturday nights. During the summer, it could be a backpack trip in the Yellowstone backcountry, resting for an early Sunday morning departure for a Teton summit attempt, trying to shoot some night time biking shot - it could be lots of things.  If I’m going to go out and party, winter or summer, it’s more likely a Friday night than a Saturday, but if it’s winter and it’s snowing, there’s gonna be serious business to attend to in the morning, and no one’s saving a spot in the tram line.

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