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High Peak Luna 45+10 Backpack review
Written by Elizabeth O. Hurst   
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High Peak Luna 45+10The High Peak Luna 45+10 is just right for a weekend warrior-ess looking for a solid, logical pack to support her backpacking adventures. The smallest of the Luna series, the 45+10, packs a rugged punch given its relatively demure weight and dimensions.

The suspension system helps distribute the weight of Luna's 45 liters evenly on my 6-foot-tall frame. Its compartments use symmetry to promote physical - and emotional - balance for type As like me that have more fun knowing the tarp and headlamp and windbreaker are efficiently stored.

The bottom compartment packs a sleeping bag while the toplid pocket provides easy access to frequently used accessories. The main compartment is situated to keep heavy gear at the back and the lighter main load toward the front.

Forty-five liters should be plenty of space for the type of backpacking the Luna 45 was made for, the 55 liters with a full toplid feels just fine, extending well above my head. Hopefully you have a hiking buddy who can access your camera and sunscreen stored in the nifty front pocket, since maneuvering the pack is a little awkward when it's at-capacity.

And do that same buddy favor- don't use the Luna's cell phone pocket. Remember: you're backpacking. You want easy access to water (through Luna's interior hydration-pack ready system, for instance), not your tweets and text messages.

High Peak LogoSince my backpacking trips are typically not 50 milers, I am certain that the Luna 45+10 will support my hobby for years to come. Most packs aren't as fun as the gear I want to put in them. But the Luna's intuitive and helpful features make it more than just a vessel for your outdoor toys.

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Elizabeth O. Hurst

Elizabeth O. HurstElizabeth O. Hurst regularly risks her ballet and ballroom dancing ankles to ski, camp, backpack, hike, sail, surf and bike.

Her family in San Jose, California and Julian Alps heritage made it easy for her to fall in love with the Stanislaus Mountains ski slopes, the San Francisco Bay from a 42-foot Catalina and the Redwoods covering Big Sur.

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