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Icebreaker GT 260 Pursuit Zip Top & Legging review
Written by Andrew Horton   
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Icebreaker GT 260 Pursuit ZipOn its Web site, Icebreaker asks customers, “Could this be the perfect base layer?” Could the Icebreaker GT 260 Pursuit base layer, complete with a long-sleeve Pursuit zip top and leggings, be the missing link for athletes who cannot and will not be slowed by snow, sleet, wind, or freezing rain?

Perfection is often such a subjective term. But this base layer, made from some of New Zealand’s finest and softest merino wool, is as close to perfection as a wool-based base layer can get.  Combined with an enhanced Lycra fit, this Icebreaker GT 260 base layer lightly forms to the skin and provides maximum comfort during winter excursions.

It’s fair to say that this base layer should be the uniform of the weekend warrior, especially those suffering from a significant amount of cabin fever this winter. Even lounging about at home, the base layer becomes a second skin for those drafty January nights.

Top-notch gusseting and a sharp design give this base layer a premium look and feel, while providing a wide range of movement on the trails.

The Pursuit top, with raglan sleeves, flatlock stitching, and a zip neck collar, is unrestrictive and versatile. Meanwhile, the Pursuit leggings are among the most comfortable leggings on the market.

To a certain point, the merino wool is breathable. During light workouts such as hiking and snowshoeing, the base layer wicks away moisture and maintains body heat when you need it most.

Icebreaker GT 260 Pursuit LeggingDuring more strenuous workouts like running or skiing, the Icebreaker GT 260 base layer is pushed to the test sweat begins to build up after about an hour of heavy activity. Still, the base layer does a decent job wicking away moisture when the workout has finished.

Icebreaker Logoimages/IcebreakerOn a long run, the zip top is handy for letting heat and moisture escape before it builds up. Working that zipper midway through a run is often like fly fishing; you eventually get the hang of it.

The Icebreaker GT 260 Pursuit Zip Top is listed for $120, and the GT 260 Pursuit Leggings is $100.

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