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Icebreaker GT200 Chase Zip Shirt review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Icebreaker GT200 Zip Shirt
With the snowy Alps lingering in its backdrop, Irishman Creek Station sits in Mackenzie Country on New Zealand's South Island. Irishman Creek may be best known as the early home to the speed boating phenomenon. Today, it is one of the many places where the Merino wool hails for the Icebreaker GT200 Chase Zip Shirt.

How would you know where the Merino wool in your Icebreaker GT200 Chase Zip Shirt came from? Easy as pie through Icebreaker's unique Baacode.

The Baacode is stamped right on the tag of the GT200 Chase Zip Shirt. Just as easy as Ralphie using Little Orphan Annie's decoder ring in The Christmas Story, you can hop on Icebreaker's website and locate the origin of the Merino wool in your Icebreaker apparel.

After taking your Baacode for a spin, the GT200 Chase Zip Shirt has a lot to offer. Icebreaker boasts it as a non-itch base layer and providing unmitigated movement for all your vigorous activities. The cuffs are adorned with holes to slide your thumbs through and add to the shirt's form fitting nature.

The sides of the shirt and inner arms integrate lycra for added flexibility. Eyelet gussets are part of the design of the GT200 Zip Shirt's sides and inner arms also. The collar on the GT200 Chase Zip Shirt can be zipped fully up protecting your neck from the elements.

Wearing the GT200 Chase Zip Shirt brings to life what Icebreaker claims the shirt to be. It has a comfortable feel and does not cause an itching sensation even after heavy perspiration. The holes for your thumbs on the cuffs of the shirt integrate nicely into a glove system for your teeth rattling runs down a double black.

The GT200 Chase Zip Shirt is warm due its use of Merino wool but it also is a relatively lightweight base layer. Layer it with a long sleeve shirt and light spring ski jacket for later season slope time. Or layer it to the gills for frigid wind-whipping weather. It handles both conditions nicely. The eyelet gussets on the sides of the torso and inner arms wicks perspiration away at a steady pace, so you aren't wallowing in a pool of your armpit perspiration riding in a gondola to your next run.

Icebreaker_LogoOverall, the Icebreaker GT200 Chase Zip Shirt comes through as Icebreaker advertises – a lightweight but warm base layer. The Baacode gives it a "neato" factor and promotes Icebreaker's environmental efforts and care for animals. Icebreaker offers it in 3 color schemes – black/silver, blue and gray/red. Icebreaker lists the GT200 Zip Shirt at $99.99.

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