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Salomon Whisper Skirt review
Written by Elizabeth O. Hurst   
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Salomon WhisperWhen I'm preparing for everything involved in a run —the elements, the sweating, the terrain, the burn — looking cute is the farthest thing from my mind. Running around in the Salomon Whisper, though, has made me appreciate how feeling cute improves my aerobic motivation.

Wearing spandex on its own has never made me feel self conscious, but the Whisper does provide an added level of confidence knowing that my running outfit was modest and feminine. This sturdy and flexible skort is just shorter than mid-thigh and also accommodates other types of exercise like kickboxing and yoga.

The Whisper is tapered, sleek and lightweight, allowing the legs full range of motion. It achieves this with an asymmetrical seam that wraps from the hip to the thigh. The shorts underneath the skirt are a comfortable length without poking out below the skirt's hem. However, they don't stay put like most spandex.

Luckily, this isn't a cause for embarrassment because the skirt is long enough to cover any short malfunctions. The wide, stretchy waistband is almost too comfortable, since it doesn't stay in place as I would like it to. While the ribbon gives the skirt a feminine touch, it doesn't seem functional. I'm typically a medium, but wonder if the Whisper would perform better on my body a size smaller.

I like the Whisper best when I wear full-length spandex underneath. The added layer helps the Whisper fit better.

Salomon LogoFortunately, Salomon also makes the Whisper skirt with a calf-length tight built in.

The coolest featSalomon Logoure is the coin pocket on the hip that can easily store cash, a hair band or keys. The Salomon Whisper is proof that a running wardrobe can be both practical and pretty.

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Elizabeth O. Hurst

Elizabeth O. HurstElizabeth O. Hurst regularly risks her ballet and ballroom dancing ankles to ski, camp, backpack, hike, sail, surf and bike.

Her family in San Jose, California and Julian Alps heritage made it easy for her to fall in love with the Stanislaus Mountains ski slopes, the San Francisco Bay from a 42-foot Catalina and the Redwoods covering Big Sur.

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