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Yakima HighRoller review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Yakima HighRoller
Camp Woodward is a mecca for any biker. Whether it's freestyling off a vert ramp or rolling down Excedrin descends on dirt packed trails, Camp Woodward will give an adrenaline junkie a fix of jaw-dropping excitement.

Camp Woodward has state-of-art facilities which are user-friendly at their 4 locales in the U.S. A bike rack that is equally as cutting edge and easy-to-use is essential for anybody hauling their mountain or BMX bike into Camp Woodward. The Yakima HighRoller meets these requirements.

The Yakima HighRoller installs with ease within 15 minutes. It is versatile enough to fit any roof-top rack system whether it has round or square crossbars. Three hex bolts are fed through the HighRoller and then through U-shaped clips which attach to the roof rack system. Two base plated covers are used to provide a bit of added security but mainly to provide aesthetics by hiding the hex bolts used to install the HighRoller.

The Yakima HighRoller secures the front tire of the bike by wedging the wheel between two hoop shaped bars. The front wheel is placed in the wheel tray and the back hoop shaped bar is raised to fit tightly against the back of the tire. A tension knob is then turned to increase the tension of the back hoop shaped bar to cause a snug fit.

The back wheel is secured in the wheel tray by a tension strap which is fed through the wheel spokes. A bike can then be locked to the HighRoller with a cable lock (lock core purchased separately).

The HighRoller performs admirably since it's easy of use while also tightly securing a bike to a roof-top rack system. It quickly adjusts to fit wheels up to 29 inches in diameter and tires up to 3 inches wide. Since the Yakima HighRoller secures a bike by its tires, it does not damage a bike's paint job.

The HighRoller is also unaffected by a bike's braking and suspension systems, so it is adaptable to all designs. Its ability to adjust to round or square crossbars makes it fit roof rack systems from Thule in addition to Yakima. Removing a bike from the Yakima HighRoller happens in a jiffy. The tension from the front tire is released by the push of a button and the wheel strap for the back tire releases easily.

Yakima LogoTheYakima HighRoller provides an easy-to-use and reliable roof-top bike rack. Of course, it requires a roof rack system or factory installed rails or crossbars. Visit the Fit My Car section on the Yakima website to see what your vehicle may need to install the HighRoller. The MSRP is $179 for the HighRoller, and it carries Yakima's "Love It Till You Leave It" limited lifetime warranty.

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