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Yakima HoldUp review
Written by Jacquelyn Farris   
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Yakima HoldUpimages/YakimaLoading bikes onto a rack is such a hassle. It's so annoying that it could be the deciding factor in just not riding.

With the Yakima HoldUp hassling with the rack is no excuse to why you're sitting on the couch playing mindless video games.

The Yakima HoldUp comes slightly disassembled, but goes together easily and can be done by a novice. In fact it can be assembled solo, but having an extra hand to help would be good since some of the pieces are large and a bit heavy. But if you're a tough guy and flying solo in assemble that's just fine too.

The HoldUp comes with a cable lock that locks to the hitch pin to prevent bikes or the rack from being stolen. If you prefer your own hitch pin lock, the cable locks to the rack itself. Both options will have your rack and bikes secure. There isn't a need to worry about your steeds leaving their stable.

The rack might look large and cumbersome on the back of your SUV, but blind spots were not found after installation and zero wind noise was created. If you are 'eco minded' yet still drive a gas guzzling SUV it didn't seem to have an effect on gas economy which is common with a roof-mounted rack.

Loading and unloading is simple with the HoldUp. The rack doesn't touch the frame and your wheels do not have to be removed for racking. Simply set your bike in the trays and secure.

The rack lowers slightly allowing access to rear of vehicle. This feature does not work with hatches that have a tailgate feature that must be opened first to open the rear glass window. If you have a one piece gate that swings up, clearance is tight but still possible.

The rack easily folds up with the pull of a spring loaded pin and can be done quickly. You too can be one of the cool kids driving around town showing off the Yakima HoldUp on the back of your ride.

Yakima_LogoWith a suggested retail price of $399 you truly get every bit of the bang for your buck. The price sounds steep but is better than coughing up cash for a stolen or dinged up bike.

Thanks to Yakima for making a user and bike friendly rack. Hats off to the Yakima HoldUp, well done.

video/Yakima & YouTube

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Jacquelyn Farris

Jacquelyn FarrisJacquelyn Farris, an Adventure Chaser at heart, lives in Oklahoma City, OK and is always glad to clarify that Oklahoma does have mountains.

Farris got her start in the action sports world working for one of the founders of vert ramp BMX riding, Mat Hoffman. While at Hoffman Bikes, she worked for the winter and summer ESPN X-Games and realized action sports was her passion. Farris kept a busy professional schedule while earning her degree in Sports Management with an emphasis in Photography from Adams State in Southern Colorado.

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