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Elizabeth O. Hurst

Elizabeth O. Hurst

Elizabeth O. Hurst regularly risks her ballet and ballroom dancing ankles to ski, camp, backpack, hike, sail, surf and bike.

Her family in San Jose, California and Julian Alps heritage made it easy for her to fall in love with the Stanislaus Mountains ski slopes, the San Francisco Bay from a 42-foot Catalina and the Redwoods covering Big Sur.

Elizabeth left the paradisiacal weather patterns of the Bay Area and Southern California, where she studied journalism at Scripps College, to marry her seriously outdoorsy, Eagle Scout-status husband and embrace the seasons, fresh powder, canyons, red rock and starry skies of Utah.

Between her urban adventures in her new home, Washington D.C., she and her husband escape the city by running on the Mt. Vernon tail and biking along the Potomac River and reading about the next place they want to travel abroad.

Elizabeth turned play into work as a PR representative for several bike and outdoor recreation brands. Besides writing for and seeking new professional opportunities, Elizabeth is a contributing editor for SNEWS, a columnist for the Outdoor Industry Women's Coalition and a regular contributor to Momentum Magazine. She has also contributed to Cycling Utah and Cycle and Style magazines. You can follow her on Twitter via @eohurst.

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