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Jacquelyn FarrisJacquelyn Farris, an Adventure Chaser at heart, lives in Oklahoma City, OK and is always glad to clarify that Oklahoma does have mountains.

Farris got her start in the action sports world working for one of the founders of vert ramp BMX riding, Mat Hoffman. While at Hoffman Bikes, she worked for the winter and summer ESPN X-Games and realized action sports was her passion. Farris kept a busy professional schedule while earning her degree in Sports Management with an emphasis in Photography from Adams State in Southern Colorado.

As an outdoors columnist for The Oklahoma newspaper, Farris wrote under the name ‘Girl vs. Wild’ and chronicled her outdoor adventures and pursuits. She decided to leave the newspaper business and get back to the design world and now handles Content Strategies for a top-ranked design firm in Oklahoma City.

Farris is an ardent rock climber and a competitive climbing coach for the Oklahoma Climbing Team based at the Rocktown Climbing Gym in downtown Oklahoma City. She has been a team coach since its 2008 start, and they have competed on the National level from their beginning.

Farris is constantly filling her pack and pursuing epic and unknown routes across the U.S. and some of her favorite climbing routes are tucked away in southern Colorado in Penitente Canyon. When she is not crimping granite she is backpacking, road biking, and fly fishing.

She is also a seasoned pow rider and calls her home mountain Wolf Creek Ski Area also a hidden gem of Southern Colorado. She started taking runs back in 2000 and even worked winter months in their Ski School.

When the real world and work holds her in the city, she enjoys spending time with her favorite pint-sized sidekick Ronnie the Pug and planning her next adventure.

Farris’ outdoor adventures are chronicled through her blog and on Twitter. She can be reached via e-mail.

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