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CamelBak Octane LR Hydration Pack review
Written by Jon Root   
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CamelBak Octane LRimages/CamelBakOne of the latest products debuting from CamelBak is the Octane LR featuring the lumbar version of the new Antidote hydration reservoir. Boosting a complete redesign with easier bladder maintenance, the makers of this sturdy and snug hydration pack got it right. The CamelBak Octane LR is a smart and functional activity pack that uses a two-liter hydration bladder built into a body forming, lightweight mesh and durable nylon fabric carrier that is flexible, functional, and comfortable.

This CamelBak product continues the company's legacy of combining quality construction with superb functionality, and has produced a superb support system for outdoor enthusiasts who run, bike, hike, ski, or snowboard.

Compact and lightweight, the Octane LR is a slight 16 inches long and weighs just short of 13 ounces when empty. The two-liter bladder is recommended for on-demand hydration over medium distances, depending on how strenuous the exercise and users individual rate of consumption. Appropriately placed harness pockets provide safe and snug housing for quick access to incidentals (cell, money, keys and sunscreen).

The body of the Octane LR comes with dual, long zip, storage compartments that have surprising storage capacity. One shallower zip compartment overlays a larger, more spacious pocket accessed from the opposite side of the unit, complemented by a loose-hold mesh outer pocket configuration.

With the new Antidote lumbar reservoir, there is ample storage capacity and weight distribution that gives the pack a better overall feel and fit. When tested at 2-liter capacity with full storage compartments, the Octane LR was stable and immovable during strenuous activity. Plus the removable bladder components is easily cleaned and dried.

CamelBak LogoCamelBak listened to its customers in this product remake and provided a low profile fit with unmatched suitability. The CamelBak Octane LR is smart, spacious, yet compact, hydration unit that is easy to replenish. Retailing at $89, the Octane LR is worth every penny, and should keep multi sport enthusiasts of all levels pleased and perfectly hydrated.

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