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fishpond Bow Wow Travel Food and Water Bowls & Dogpeople Souplements review
Written by Jason Elliot, Cocoa   
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fishpond Bow Wow Food Bowl
Dogs need vacations just like you do. And not the kind where you drop them off at a kennel and pick them up a week later after you relax for a week in Cabo.

They need to join you for an excursion. They love to frolic in the surf that washes up on the beach and to lead a hike through the woodlands. Dogpeople and fishpond have products to make their show time fun and keep their bellies as normal as home.

fishpond Bow Wow Water Bowl
Fishpond offers the Bow Wow Travel Food and Water Bowls for your pup. Both have molded bottoms, waterproof nylon linings and are 8 inches in diameter. The fishpond Bow Wow Travel Food Bowl adds an expanding nylon top that closes and locks into place. This comes in handy for packing your dog's food, toys and treats for the trip.

Both bowls are fully collapsible and are easy to pack. The only downside is their size. The bowls are geared for larger dogs and are too big for your smallish furry friends. The fishpond Bow Wow Travel Water Bowl retails for $18 and the Food Bowl is $20.

Dogpeople, a Bend, Oregon based company, is the vision and creation of its founder, Emily Chan. Miles, a shepherd mix rescue puppy, was suffering from severe food allergies that resulting in vomiting and dehydration. To combat Mile's food allergies, Chan experimented with feeding him soup concoctions which had successful results.

Dogpeople Souplements

This led to the development of Souplements, soup for dogs. Souplements can be used as an additive to your dog's dry food, a snack or a special treat according to the Dogpeople website. Souplements are advertised as 100% natural and are made with chicken stock, chicken, carrots and whole grain brown rice.

Your dog will be fed 'people' food too often from family and friends when on vacation. Souplements helps normalize your dog's diet and is sensitive to their rumbling stomachs filled with leftover scraps from meals and desserts. It became a favorite of the dog used to test Souplements for this review and helped improve her bathroom-going experience.

The natural and healthy approach from Dogpeople makes Souplements more enticing. Souplements is listed as high in protein, low in fat and a great source for electrolytes for your tongue-wagging buddy. Souplements are packaged in a sustainable microwavable pouch with the '7 Other' recycling designation. Souplements have a retail price of $3.99 per pouch and can be purchased at pet product retailers in several states and on-line.

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