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Nuun Sport Drink Tabs and Hylands Bioplasma Sport review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Gatorade’s marketing barrage helps hide that it’s closer to Kool-Aid than a healthy electrolyte sports drink. Look at the label of a Gatorade Original, and check the sugar and calories per serving – 14 grams and 50 respectively. Downing half of 32-ounce bottle of Gatorade after a long hike equates to two servings and 100 calories to your waistline.

Regardless of Peyton Manning and Lebron James commercials touting Gatorade, there are other healthier choices to replenish electrolytes after a hot and grueling time on the trails.

Nuun Sports Drink Tabs

Nuun delivers convenience and great taste with their Sports Drink Tabs. Drop a tab in 16 ounces of water, and you will be awarded with an electrolyte replenishing drink that has zero sugars and under 8 calories. A tab can easily be snapped in half with your hands, if you need to only treat eight ounces of water.

Nuun offers ten flavors with five just released – strawberry, lemonade, fruit punch, tropical, sweet tea and grape – for their Sports Drink Tabs. And they do not just leave a hint of taste. Each of the new flavors is tasty and thirst quenching.

Each tube of Nuun Sports Drink Tabs contains 12 tabs. (MSRP $24 per 4 pack)

Nuun Tropical Tube Tabs

Hylands Bioplasma Sport Powder

Hylands has been operating over a century and touts homeopathic products. Simply put, homeopathy cures symptoms and causes of symptoms naturally.

Their Bioplasma Sport is a homeopathic sports powder. Rip open a pack and pour it under your tongue or in eight ounces of water. Each pack is sized similar to your index finger, so they are easy to carry when running or fast packing.

Hylands designed the Bioplasma Sport Powder with natural ingredients that are meant to alleviate ailments with muscles, joints, tendons and limbs.

The Hylands Bioplasma Sport powder is available in only one flavor – orange – and the powder only slightly flavors your water. It has all-natural ingredients which makes it a healthier alternative to Gatorade. ($11.99 per 12 pack)

Hylands Bioplasma Sport

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