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2011 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: 'Gear That Doesn't Suck' Awards - Part 1
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Outdoor Retailer Summer MarketThe Outdoor Retailer Summer Market wrapped with record number of media, outdoor industry professionals and companies attending. met with close to 100 companies and our nutshell conclusion from the endless number of outdoor products that were seen, touched and in some instances heard – "This gear doesn't suck."

They were far from sucking. Even simple changes and additions to the color choices for products resulted in bright and bold colors that add energy. Forward thinking innovations took center stage at several of the booths and showcased creative product design.

We were impressed with several new products, but we narrowed it down for Part 1 of our 2011 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: 'Gear That Doesn't Suck' Awards. Part 2 will be live the week of August 15th.

Duh! Award

A product design that makes competitors scratch their heads and wonder why they couldn't think of that.

Salewa Pro Gaiter

Salewa was introduced to the outdoor product realm at the Outdoor Retailer in 2007 and has gained a respected rep for their line of approach and mountaineering footwear.

The latest for Spring 2012, the Salewa Pro Gaiter, reinvigorates the mountaineering boot category. The dual functionality of the boot is a peak pack space saver.

An adjustment on the outsole lets you adjust the Pro Gaiter from walk to climb and vice versa. An aluminum stay sandwiched between the mid and outsole is the lynch pin for the Salewa Pro Gaiter. Turn to walk mode and the aluminum stay loosens and gives flexibility for the approach. Adjust to the climb mode and the stay tightens giving the boot rigidity.

The Pro Gaiter lightens your load since approach shoes are not necessary. Salewa is shipping to retailers in mid January 2012. (MSRP $599)

Salewa Pro GaiterSalewa Pro Gaiter

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