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The Dusty Camel: PCT trek enters Northern California
Written by Ian Mangiardi   
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The Dusty CamelPeople say hiking the Appalachian Trail is a 'walk in the woods' -- and to some extent they are true. It's a very wooded trail and what Andy and I have loved about the Pacific Crest Trail is the amount of variance. We started in the bone dry desert, went through the highest snow fall in the Sierras, and since our last post - have now come back to the woods.

Northern California is where the trail meets dense tree coverage, and goes through little brooks and streams. Only days ago, we used our Tenkara fly fishing rod, and caught about half a dozen wild rainbow trout at our campsite, cooked them up, and enjoyed ever little morsel of them.

The Dusty CamelTDC2

One of our resupplies brought us into the small town of Quincy, California. Here we met a family who was gracious enough to invite us into their home and feed us. The grandmother had just retired from the Sheriff station, and it was the first time that the entire family had been together in many years. And we were part of it! They even took a family portrait picture with us in it, and took us to the county fair.

The Dusty Camel

When we told the grandpa the reason for hiking the trail - raising awareness for wildlife preservation - he told us on his trucking routes he really sees the need to protect corridors. All the road kill from animals trying to migrate and live freely truly saddens him. Help us build wildlife passes by donating to our cause!

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