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Zeal Optics Dominator Goggles review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Zeal Optics Dominator Goggles
images/Zeal Optics

Right next to micro-adjusting your ski boots, choosing the right ski goggles for a day of play on the slopes is always a trip. What color lens should I choose? Should I bring multiple lens for different conditions? Then you spend time on the lift making adjustments to the head strap, drying out the lenses, and defogging.

Advances in technology have presented us with ski goggles that can handle the low light of night skiing to the brightness of mid day on the slopes. Anti-fogging abilities in goggles has spiked through the roof too.

Zeal Optics, based in Boulder, Co., is the brainchild of Michael and Wink Jackson (no, not that Michael Jackson). Both met on the professional mountain biking circuit in Japan. Unhappy with the eyewear on the market, Zeal was hatched. Today, Zeal Optics is a leader in the active eyewear including for snow sport enthusiasts.

The company's drive to innovate and improve their eyewear lines is easy to "see" in their Dominator ski goggle. The Zeal Optics Dominator is designed to handle a wide ranging of skiing conditions. The goggles are both photochromatic and polazarized. Polarization reduces the reflection of the sun off of snow to protect your eyes.

The photochromatic feature allows the goggle to adjust based on the light (or lack of light) around you. More light will darken the goggle lenses. And less light will reduce the darkness of the lenses. This protects your eyes by allowing the right amount of light into the goggles.

The Dominator features Zeal Optics' SPPX technology which is new for 2010. The SPPX makes the Dominator adaptable for even extremely low lit conditions. The SPPX technology is only available with the carbon-colored frames in the Dominator series.

In varying conditions, the Dominator did not fog. Transferring them from a resting position while riding the lift to the ready position ready to charge the slope, did not cause any fogging issues either.

The Dominator is designed by Zeal Optics  to be helmet friendly. The strap gives plenty of room for adjustment, so no matter how big (or small) your brain is, the Dominator will fit your head and helmet. The goggles fit snugly to your face with a comfortable foam lined frame.

Zeal_Optics_LogoWhether it's high noon or during night skiing, the Zeal Optics Dominator exceeds the needs for a variety of conditions on the slopes. The Dominator goggle meets Zeal's highly-reputable name.

The goggles are available in three different frame colors – carbon, shiny white and shiny black. The Zeal Optics Dominator with the carbon-colored frames has an MSRP of $200. The Dominator with the shiny white and shiny black frames retail for $120.

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