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POC Receptor BUG Helmet review
Written by Steven Horak   
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BugThe POC Receptor BUG snow helmet builds off what made the Receptor such a perennial all-season stalwart and tailors it specifically for the slopes. With a double overlapping shell system of PC and ABS (that is, Polycarbonate and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) coupled with a molded EPS foam liner, the Receptor BUG is designed to withstand the kind of brunt force impacts that are better left unsaid, let alone avoided.

It's an effective and lightweight combination that inspires confidence – even overconfidence: just because the helmet can handle anything a black diamond could throw at it, it doesn't necessarily mean you're up to the task.

The helmet provides a high level of protection while still permitting enough hot air out and cool air in to prevent your head from baking underneath. Additionally, the detachable lining further facilitates keeping things comfortably cool. After a full day of backcountry touring in unseasonably warm weather, my head did not join my core in burning up. On the flip side, when the temperatures plummet, it's possible to close the ventilation to keep cold air out.

The Receptor BUG is true to size and the chinstrap, along with the placement of its cushy fleece pad, can be easily adjusted. The included bankers brim clips to the front of the helmet and keeps your goggles free from snow and water streaks that can impair your vision. Also included is a somewhat flimsy goggle clip that nonetheless helps your goggles from moving independently of your helmet.

POC logoDevoid of hot spots, the helmet fits as well as you'd hope and quickly becomes an afterthought when you turn your focus to the powder before you. In fact, it often takes a comment on the Receptor BUG's impressive good looks – not too bulky and tapered at the right spots – to remind you it's there. (MSRP $90)

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