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Tilley Endurables TH10 Hemp Hat review
Written by Pamela MacNaughtan   
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Tilley Endurables TH10 Hemp HatIt's summer, the sun is shining and you're looking forward to going out for the day. The first thing you grab is a hat. It's a universal piece of attire that can make or break an outfit and if it provides protection from the sun, well, that is a bonus.

Made from 100% hemp fabric, the Tilley Endurables TH10 Women's Hemp Hat is eco-friendly and designed to be naturally breathable and resistant to mold, mildew and salt water. The broad brim is designed to provide UPF 50+ sun protection and adds stylish flare to the hat. The hand-sewn hat comes with ties and a secret pocket and Tilley's lifetime guarantee the hat will not wear out and is insured against loss.

The secret pocket inside the hat is ideal for hiding money or other small, light valuables however be sure to secure the tie around your head if you're going to do so.

The TH10 Women's Hemp Hat is stylish and suitable for going on safari, a party or relaxing on the beach. The neutral colors of the hat also make it easy for you to add to about any outfit.

Tilley Endurables LogoAs a backpacker, I find that carrying this hat about is not practical. The wire hidden in the broad brim of the hat is designed to keep the downward slope in place however it is a hindrance if you need to pack the hat for a trip.

If you're flying, it's best to take this hat onboard with you as it does not pack well unless you gently place it in your suitcase and use your clothing to help the hat keep its shape. The Tilley Endurables TH10 Women's Hemp Hat also needs to be hand-washed with cold water, so it's best to keep that in mind if you're traveling. (MSRP $84)

SpunkyGirl_Monoluges LogoA solo world traveler, Pamela MacNaughtan currently resides in Banff, British Columbia and delivers blog posts and photos about her travels on SpunkyGirl Monologues.

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