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Tech4o TraiLeader Jet Watch review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Tech4o TraiLeader Jet images/Tech4oA multifunction watch is a Swiss Army knife for runners. They track distance, time, weather and a lot more. And durability is crucial since it needs to hold up in adverse weather.

The Tech4o TraiLeader Jet is a rugged watch that comes with over a dozen functions. Putting aside the basic functions, the TraiLeader Jet is also equipped with a digital compass, altimeter, chronograph, and barometer. Tech4o says the watch is water-resistant to ten meters.

An integrated accelerometer sensor measures your speed and distance traveled. Tech4o says similar technology used in a car's airbag is also used in the multifunction. The TraiLeader Jet senses changes in movement and uses it to log you the speed and distance.

The watch's reverse display is easy to read. Tech4o has devised a layout that doesn't cramp too much information on the screen. The TraiLeader Jet breaks the functions into two categories: time/system and trail. In each functions lie multiple screens that display the features of the watch.

Whether you are moving swiftly or slowly, a time check is a must to make sure you are meeting your running goals. The TraiLeader Jet's display lets you quickly scroll through the various screens and check your split times, distance and oncoming weather.

Operating the many functions and scrolling through the screens is confusing at first. Cracking open the instruction manual can't be dismissed. Not doing so will result in frustration and not taking full advantage of the feature-rich watch.

The accelerometer sensor allows the TraiLeader Jet to be an alternative to a GPS enabled multifunction watch. To determine your distance and speed you have traveled, the watch first needs to be configured for your walking and running stride lengths.

This does take some time to get a precise measurement, and patience is needed. Running a predefined distance is part of the configuration process, and your local high school track is the recommended venue. The TraiLeader Jet will count your strides. Plug the number of strides and distance into the calculator on Tech4o's website, and it will spit out your average stride length.

Complete the stride length measurement process several times and calculate an average length for walking and running for best results. And run and walk longer distances to help rule out erroneous stride lengths.

The accelerometer sensor is the chief strength to the Tech4o TraiLeader Jet and its most frustrating feature. It gives accurate measurements on terrain that isn't characterized by severe altitude changes, so running hilly trails may throw its accuracy off.

Tech4o LogoComparing the slight distance and speed miscalculations against the cost of a GPS enable multifunction watch, the Tech4o TraiLeader Jet may be the right choice to measure your running or walking regimen.

The TraiLeader Jet carries a $159.90 suggested retail price.

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