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Baffin Amazon Hiking Shoes review
Written by Margaret Antkowski   
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Baffin AmazonThere's nothing worse than sweaty hiking shoes on a hot day when hitting the trails. Chafing can make even a short hike uncomfortable.

Baffin's Amazon shoes are designed to address this issue. Breathable materials and smart design make walking during warm weather and through water in the Amazon's a pleasure, and best of all they are light. This is no heavy hiking shoe or ankle boot despite having the ideal outsole treads for rocky terrain.

During this summer I had the opportunity to use the Amazon shoes on a couple of different types of trails – from rocky terrain where a good tread was required, to dusty gravel trails.

In both situations the Amazon shoes made it easy to walk long distances due to the light material. The upper material is a thick ventilated mesh that covers the foot for protection, while at the same time wicking away sweat. The shoe is roomy, offering enough space for your foot to sit comfortably.

The treads on the outsole of the shoes conquered walking on roots and slippery rocks uphill or downhill without a hassle. Testing out the Baffin Amazon in puddles of water, my foot stayed fairly dry. The drainage system used in the several layers ensures that as much moisture is removed as possible.

Open grooves in the soles that expose the other thinner layers are the way the moisture can drain out. While protected by a metallic grid that keeps stones and other debris away from your foot, the grooves are big enough for small rocks to wedge themselves in between. As well, on dusty roads you inevitably end up with dirty feet due to the design of the shoes for ventilation. These issues could be diminished by making the grooves just slightly smaller in size.

Baffin LogoThe only welcome suggestion is to offer the Amazon in a mid cut for more support for rockier terrain.

I recommend the Amazon shoes for hot summer days when you want to be comfortable walking on the trails. They are an ideal alternative to traditional hiking boots or shoes.

Suburbantourist_LogoMargaret Antkowski is the Editor-in-Chief for the (Sub)urban Tourist. Antkowski delivers insightful articles on travel, enjoying the outdoor lifestyle and exploring good food and dining in Ontario and Canada.

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