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Hi-Tec Cascadia XCm eVent Hiking Boots review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Hi-Tec Cascadia XCm eVent
The UPS truck slides away from your house and you run down to the front door and snag the newly delivered package containing your new pair of Hi-Tec Cascadia XCm eVent backpacking boots. You rip through the packaging and extract the shoes wrapped with tissue paper from its eco-friendly box.

You experience the euphoria with new equipment or apparel purchase – excitement, happiness and a gear-induced jolt of energy. With all of the positive energy flowing, the message from Hi-Tec's Chairman on the inside flap of the shoebox can easily be overlooked. A quick 'thanks' is highlighted by his e-mail address and request for feedback on your new pair of Hi-Tec Cascadia XCm eVent.

After your gear buzz dulls, the features of the Hi-Tec Cascadia XCm eVent come out. Hi-Tec promotes the boots' waterproof and breathable upper and eVent membrane and Vibram outersole.

The Cascadia XCm eVent is best used for backpacking trips or lengthy day hikes. The full upper is stiffer than your typical pair of day hikers which gives you the needed support for hauling heavy loads. The Cascadia XCm eVent lacing system is simple and effective. A pair of brass eyelet set on the side of each boot at the base of the ankle lets you cinch in an uncompromising fit and provides a little extra support.

eVent is gaining name brand recognition for its waterproof capabilities. Many studies on waterproof materials have rated eVent over Gore-Tex. Through creek crossings and enduring a few summer downpours, the boots' eVent fabric repelled water and did what it should – keep your feet dry.

The boot is light – weighing 27 ounces – for a heavy-duty hiking boot. And Hi-Tec continued the Cascadia XCm eVent's high end design with a Vibram outersole. The aggressive lugs allow you to take on rocky terrain to softer and looser wetland trails.

Hi-Tec LogoThe Hi-Tec Cascadia XCm eVent will keep your feet dry and your gear-induced smile intact. The visible thank you from Hi-Tec's Chairman is nicely placed. Most companies do something similar but it is buried somewhere in the warranty info or on the company's website. You can pick up a pair for a suggested retail price is $190.

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