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La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boots review
Written by Patrick Gensel   
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La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering BootsTrudging through an alpine wilderness can be a tough endeavor, and nearly impossible without the proper footwear. Wet, cold, and sore feet can turn a mountaineering trip from an epic excursion to a miserable experience.

The La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boots, an all leather boot featuring a full steel shank, are designed for big mountain experiences. The Makalu is suited for less ambitious vertical ice pursuits and mountain trekking. A hard plastic boot is the choice for technical ice climbing.

The boot features front and rear depressions for use with automatic crampons which is consistent for boots designed with mountaineering and climbing. An aggressive tread is helpful to keep a firm grip on muddy or snowy terrain when using crampons isn’t needed. The Makalu soles are durable and designed to last providing excellent grip, expect these soles to last for years.

The “break-in experience” helps determine a high quality boot. The La Sportiva Makalu boots show a quicker painless break-in with minimal hot spots. Only a few break-in miles on a snow-shoeing trek up New York's Mount Marcy were needed.

The fifteen mile, ten hour trek tested the Makalu’s warmth, comfort and functionality. With the temperature never climbing above zero degrees Fahrenheit, the boot's leather trapped heat without an excessive amount of perspiration buildup.

The locking D-ring system on the laces allows the wearer to dial in a proper fit by tightening the boots before locking down the D-rings. The precise fit is critical for quickly gearing up in cold alpine conditions.

One downfall of the Makalu boots is the inability to remove the internals for faster drying when the insides get wet, a common problem with leather mountaineering boots. You can’t remove the liners and stuff them in your sleeping bag to dry and keep warm at night.

La Sportiva Logoimages/La SportivaThe cost conscious consumer will smile at the sub-$300 dollar price point of the La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boots. Affordability combined with an attractive, high quality boot make the La Sportiva Makalu a boot for the outdoorsman adding mountain sports to their winter activities.


Patrick Gensel, an avid backpacker and rock climber, is the Editor of CampTheSummit. The site features video content, written articles and audio podcasts on the adventure and outdoor recreation world. Gensel is the host of Just Another Outdoors Show podcast.

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