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Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots Polar Trex Dog Boots review
Written by Alex Strickland, Huck   
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Ruffwear Bark'n Boots Polar TrexA word of warning: If you suffer from any sort of gear envy, this is not a product for you. With Vibram Icetrek soles, DWR-coated soft-shell uppers and reflective trim, Fido might end up with nicer kicks than his owner.

The Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots Polar Trex are the pinnacle of technical doggy outerwear, providing ice-griping paw protection for your buddy that's built to perform in the harshest winter conditions.

The fit and finish of the Polar Trex is top-notch, easily rivaling the high quality outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect in their gear. The adjustable closure system is easy to operate with gloves and stiff fingers in frigid conditions, and combined with a cord closure system and internal grip cuff keeps the boots securely fastened.

What separates the Polar Trex from Ruff Wear's line of summer boots is the built-in, high-top gaiters to add protection from the snow and ice as well as wandering ski edges on the cross country trails. The protection is outstanding, but on vertically challenged pooches with shorter legs, the added height can come over the knee joint and make walking a bit stiff at first. But with sizes from extra extra small up to Great Dane-ready extra large, it's not hard to find the proper fit despite your dog's paw size.

Ruffwear LogoWhile the Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots Polar Trex is capable of handling backcountry conditions and all-day winter recreation, the boot also shines on simple morning walks around the neighborhood during the dark days of winter. Instead of gnawing hopelessly at ice buildup between the pads of their feet or leaping out of the path of freshly strewn ice-melter, the boots provide your dog with protection from the worst weather of the year.

All this high quality comes at a price, the $89.99 MSRP looks more at home on footwear built for people. But if you're serious about bringing your buddy along for winter fun, the Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots Polar Trex boots should last for years and help make sure your furry friend enjoys the outing as much as you do.

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Alex Strickland

Alex StricklandAlex Strickland was born and raised in possibly the least mountainous and outdoorsy city in America – Memphis, Tenn. Despite the lack of trails and people to enjoy them with, he became a hiker, mountain biker and runner. Today, he's traded up for the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and added skiing to the mix, once someone explained what snow was.

A former newspaper editor in small-town Montana, Strickland enjoys freelance writing and photography for publications around the Mountain West and sharing his love for the outdoors through his work.

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