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Teva Riva Leather eVent Hiking Shoes review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Teva Leather Riva eVent Hiking Shoes

The Teva Riva Leather eVent is a low-cut day hiking shoe that provides versatility. It can perform on the hiking trail and has the look for the casual work environment.

The Riva Leather eVent shows its form on the hiking trails. Since it is a low-cut hiker, the shoe slips on and laces up quickly. It is light on the trails and does not give that weighty and clunky feel that heavy hiking boots can give. A hiker’s feet will be energized after a day of hiking from the comfort and support the Teva Riva Leather eVent gives.

The smell of leather permeates the nose when the lid of the shoe box is flipped open. The Teva eVent Leather is made of leather in its upper and the lining. Leather provides for durability and will make the Riva Leather eVent last longer.

Leather also is a flexible material and provides for a natural reaction when the ball of a hiker’s foot flexes off a hiking trail. The Riva eVent Leather incorporates Teva’s eVent fabrics which are engineered to wick away sweat from the inside of the shoes quickly. 

The sole of the Teva Riva Leather eVent assists with the overall comfort and durability. The sole is a Vibram design. Vibram is a leader in the design of outsoles for footwear, and its use is a sign of quality for any footwear. 

A hiker’s heels absorb a lot of beating on the hiking trails. Teva’s specially designed Shoc Pad is a technology used in the heel cup to reduce the beating.

The lugs on the Riva Leather eVent are deeply cut and provides for good traction for ascending and descending steep inclines. This helps reduce the chances of rolling an ankle and struggling to finish a hike with a sprain.

Teva LogoWhat really makes the Teva Riva Leather eVent a hiking shoe to consider is its waterproofing. It’s designed to keep water out of the shoe, and it lives up to this claim. Hiking through a shallow creek or skipping through puddles will not be an issue with this shoe.

The Teva Riva Leather eVent is a quality hiking shoe for day hiking which can be worn in a casual work environment. It comes in standard U.S. sizes ranging from 7 to 14 and is available in bouillon, a brownish-color. It carries Teva’s limited 1-year warranty and has an MSRP of $135.

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