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10 Android Apps for the Outdoors review
Written by Matt Keowen   
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Android Apps for the OutdoorsWhy is the little Android dude green? Because he loves the outdoors, that’s why - hiking, camping, skiing, and geocaching. These 10 Android applications for the outdoors deliver utility and most are free.


This free geocaching app allows you to search for caches by coordinates, address, geocode, keyword and much more. You can view each in an overhead map to make selecting your next cache simple and easy. Tap on the cache to get details and clues. The c:geo app includes a built-in compass and integrates with Google Navigation to provide turn-by-turn directions.
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Campfire Games

Sitting around the campfire and pop open this app and you get a few dozen suggestions. Campfire Games provide written instructions for everything including classics like 20 Questions, I Spy and Thumper to others you may not recognize like the Winking Murder card game. Once you play one of the suggestions, return to the app to rate it.
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Campfire Stories

While the campfire turns to embers, it’s time to tell frightening stories. Campfire Stories has limitless number of ghost stories and other nightmarish tales. If you find one you like, the app has the built-in ability to share it by e-mail.
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Dutch Oven Calculator

Cooking in a Dutch oven looks simple. Fill the big cast-iron pot with your favorite food, set it in the fire and come back later to eat. It’s not that simple. You can use Dutch ovens to simmer, roast, fry and bake. The Dutch Oven Calculator app takes the guesswork out of controlling the temperature. Pick the size of your oven, your target cooking temperature, cooking method and the calculator does the rest, telling you home many briquettes to place on top and below the oven.
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