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Komperdell Carbon Duolock Trekking Poles review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Komperdell Carbon Duolock Trekking Poles

The Laurel Highland Hiking Trail is 70-miles of hiking bliss that runs through the Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania from Ohiopyle State Park to Johnstown. The trails provides for amazing vistas and wildlife viewing.

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail traverses through several of Pennsylvania's state parks. To negotiate the ascends and descends while toting a 50 to 60 pound backpack, a light and high performing trekking poles should be on a hiker's gear checklist.

The Komperdell Carbon Duolock poles are ideal for any backpacking trip whether short or to the extent of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. The tubes of the Duolock poles are made of 100% carbon. Carbon is well known for being durable and lightweight, and the tubes on the Komperdell Carbon Duolock poles have been designed to be corrosion resistant. Komperdell states their carbon trekking poles are 50% lighter compared to traditional trekking poles. This seems accurate since the poles are extremely light.

The hand grips on the Duolock poles are form-fitting and comfortable to hold. The grips have a well constructed neoprene strap to help prevent losing either trekking pole if scrambling up or down questionable terrain. Komperdell has designed an extended grip, G-Reptile Gripzone, located just below the previously mentioned hand grips. The extended grips provide for more precision if hiking on rain-sogged terrain.

Whether using the hand grips or the extended grip, the Komperdell Carbon Duolock poles stay firmly in a hiker's hands. The specially-designed extended grips are especially impressive. A hiker's hands will stay firmly in place while staying reasonably comfortable. The extended grips on other trekking poles sometimes cause a hiker's hands to easily slip off. That is not the case with the Duolock poles.

The Komperdell Carbon Duolock poles are retractable which makes for added convenience. Their retractability makes it easy to strap them on a backpack using the pack's external compression straps. It makes them easy to stow in a suitcase for any backpacking trips that first require a plane trip to get to your locale. The Duolock poles lock in place firmly when extended and do not have a tendency to unlock when hiking on the trails.

The Komperdell Carbon Duolock poles are lightweight and durable trekking poles to make those backpacking trips more enjoyable especially on longer treks like the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. The Duolock poles come in one size only.

Komperdell LogoThe trekking poles are adjustable to fit a hiker's height since they are retractable. The come in one color – black. They carry Komperdell's 1-year limited warranty from any defects caused by material and service. They carry an MSRP of $150.

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