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Mountainsmith Carbonlite Pro Trekking Poles review
Written by Jacquelyn Farris   
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Mountainsmith Carbonlite Pro Trekking Poles
Feeling fatigued after what should have been a simple day hike with friends? Even worse have you stopped hiking because of nagging knee pain? A simple solution to your trail woes is trekking poles. Think about this, earliest forms of humanity used primitive sticks for support when trekking. Even cavemen knew that the human body needed support during hikes. 

If you are shopping for entry to mid level carbon carbon trekking poles, the Mountainsmith Carbonlite Pro is a recommended choice. The poles ergonomic cork grips are ideal for someone with medium to large hands. One feature is wide adjustable neoprene wrist straps to help keep your hands in place while not creating hot spots on your wrists.

The Carbonlite Pro trekking poles have an anti-shock absorption system but are a bit stiff making them suited for short to moderate distance hikes. If you are considering these for lengthier thru-hiking, the Carbonlite Pro trekking poles may not be the right selection.

The quick-twist locking mechanism and three telescoping sections make the Carbonlite Pro easily adjustable. The extended pole length makes the poles adaptable to a range of body heights.

Strapped to the outside of a pack, the Carbonlite Pro poles are nicely sized while weighing in at just one pound two ounces. The poles do not collapse to a small enough size and can rub against you when affixed to your pack.

Mountainsmith_LogoThe Carbonlite Pro are ideal mid range trekking poles that offer high quality features such as carbon wrapping, quick-twist locking mechanism, three telescoping sections, cork handles, and comfortable neoprene straps.

If quality, comfort, and price are elements in your decision take a cue from the cavemen. The Mountainsmith Carbonlite Pro is a choice for your next trekking pole purchase and retail at $69.

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Jacquelyn Farris

Jacquelyn FarrisJacquelyn Farris, an Adventure Chaser at heart, lives in Oklahoma City, OK and is always glad to clarify that Oklahoma does have mountains.

Farris got her start in the action sports world working for one of the founders of vert ramp BMX riding, Mat Hoffman. While at Hoffman Bikes, she worked for the winter and summer ESPN X-Games and realized action sports was her passion. Farris kept a busy professional schedule while earning her degree in Sports Management with an emphasis in Photography from Adams State in Southern Colorado.

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