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PackTowl Personal Towel and Cocoon Ultralight Microfiber Towel review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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Packtowl PersonalMy first backcountry bath towel is embarrassing to even admit. The only positive was it was fleece and dried somewhat quickly. It was bulky and reeked after only a few uses.

Microfiber has changed the size and weight of these. And antimicrobial treatments definitely help the smell.

PackTowl from Cascade Designs and Cocoon by Design Salt recently released microfiber towels.

PackTowl Personal Towel

Cascade Designs - parent of Therm-a-Rest, Platypus, SealLine and Hummingbird – has moved the PackTowl line out from MSR and has updated the line with new sizes and colors.

The line has four styles – Nano, UltraLight, Personal and Traditional. A XXL PackTowl Personal was what I tested. It's big enough for a romantic trip but too big for solo excursions or with your buddies. The medium size (2 ounces – 12x22 inches) would be a better fit. PackTowl touts 4X its weight in water. The Ultralight is lighter but it's not antimicrobial like the Personal. The Nano is the lightest style in the line but only absorbs 2x its weight in water.Microfiber Towel Thumb

Cocoon Ultralight Microfiber Towel

 Cocoon just brought to market a line of lightweight microfiber towels. The line ways a little less than the PackTowl Personal and Cocoon touts the Ultralight Microfiber Towel absorbs up to 8x its weight in water. The Small size (1.6 ounces – 12x24 inches) is comparable to the medium sized PackTowl Personal. Similarly, it' also has an antimicrobial treatment.

The Cocoon and PackTowl were expoased to the gear testing lab. For this test, the lab was a kitchen scale and a large Tupperware container. Just add water to each towel, and the test is on.

Both tested out at a kudos level with each retaining close to what each company touts. The PackTowl retained 4.5X its weight which is more that what it is advertised. I didn't observe exactly how long each took to fully dry, but each was fully dry after I hit the sack and woke up six hours later. As far as the testing the antimicrobial effectiveness, that test I'll leave up to you.

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