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66 Degrees North Vatnajokull Softshell Jacket review
Written by Jon Root   
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Vatnajokull Softshell JacketWhen you conjure up visions of Icelanders, frigid climate conditions immediately come to mind. Having the same name as the largest glacier in Iceland, the 66 Degrees North Vatnajokull Softshell Jacket is a simple, versatile, hooded mid-layer outerwear jacket.

The Vatnajokull Softshell Jacket was tested in a variety of Pacific Northwest winter conditions - near freezing trail runs with light rain to clear and dry riverside treks with 10 knot winds. Multiple excursions wearing the Vatnajokull proved it to be versatile.

The first surprise of the jacket is its combination of water resistance and superb breathability. The jacket consists of Polartec Wind Pro Stretch which is touted as a breathable fabric and four-times more water resistant than regular fleece.

The garment exhibited a smartly contoured hood configuration and simple Velcro wrist straps keeping you dry across a variety of conditions. It’s a jacket to own for moderate temperature ranges from the mid-forty to mid-sixty degree Fahrenheit range.

Layered properly, the Vatnajokull is the ideal garment for maintaining enough internal heat to stay warm and dry while not causing perspiration transitioning from outside to inside.  The jacket was too airy at times in colder temperatures with a challenging wind chill. Top it with a multi-layered shell or heavy sweater for near-freezing temperatures. Up against light to medium heavy rain with lighter wind, layer the Vatnajokull over a medium polypro or silks.

66 Degrees North Logoimages/66 Degrees NorthThe Vatnajokull comes with two chest high slant pockets that are perfect artifact holds while running, hiking, biking, traveling, lounging or for that transition from sundown into evening chill.  Designed to be snug, form fitting and snag resistant, the jacket can also be cinched at the waist to keep body heat in and cold air out.

The 66 Degrees North Vatnajokull Softshell Jacket is a super smart and fashionable addition for folks looking to buy a multi-purpose jacket that adapts in variable climate conditions. (MSRP $263)


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