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Owner:  Jacquelyn Farris

Birthdate:  March 2008

Breed(s): Pug

Sex: 100% Man Pug

Weight: 23 lbs.

Favorite Treat/Food:  Cheez-It and Cheetos are my favorite. My Mom and I like to have "special time" snacking on the couch when Dad isn't watching.

Favorite Toy:  Are you nuts all of them! I like to drag all of them into whatever room my Mom is in and leave them at her feet.

Special Talent:  Being adorable of course. I have my Mom tricked into thinking I am a prince and am still working on Dad, but he is sort of onto my game.

What Makes Me Bark:  Since I am a top notch security pug, I know better than barking at a delivery man and honed my focus on neighborhood cats and dog that dare to mark my yard.

I Like:  Going on car rides especially when my Dad cracks the window for me letting the breeze hit my pug face. On weekends my parents are pretty cool and let me go on their adventures. When not enjoying the open road going on hiking and climbing trips, I love swimming in the pond at the dog park and showing off my swimming skills to all the lady dogs.

I’ll be Your Best Friend If:  You sneak me treats!

I’m Not Supposed to But I:  Love to get in my human’s bed when they aren't watching. It's hard to be stealth, because I shed clumps of black pug fur over the white bedding. My humans didn't think the purchase through, because white doesn't go with black pug hair.


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