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Oboz Lightning Trail Running Shoes review
Written by Sarah Klingler   
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Oboz LightningIf you want to be as nimble as your furry four-legged friend on a rocky, rugged trail run, you need a tough shoe that won't hold you back. The Oboz Lightning trail running shoes might be your ticket. It's lightweight and fairly breathable, but tough as nails to protect and support your feet on a jaunt through the trees.

Above all, this shoe is comfortable. The nylon mesh uppers are surprisingly breathable for a tough shoe, and the synthetic leather overlays come up a little higher than most trail-running shoes to offer extra support that comes in handy after the easy first few miles.

The mesh dries quickly. On a test hike through some soggy ground the Lightning didn't soak in moisture like a sponge, but rather seemed to hold it in the mesh layer away from my foot for greater comfort and quicker evaporation.

The slightly raised heel bed and the synthetic leather help protect your feet from the hazards of the trail. On a fairly intense, rocky, and jagged track where pausing to adjust my footwear is often needed, I didn't experience a single thorn or rock sneaking into the Oboz Lightning. The outer layer of the shoe held up through thorns, vines, rocks, and mud – after a wipe-down at the end of the hike, the shoe looked like new.

Oboz touts tout high-friction carbon rubber soles for the Lightning. The treads of the shoe are asymmetrical for balance and traction; offer precise grip on rough terrain and are rather light.

EVA plates in the sole of the shoe protect against the odd step on a rock or root – no stone bruises here. The Lighting didn't slip or slide, had superior grab and hold and are comfortable to wear. Two sets of footbeds are includedwith differing arch heights to suit a variety of foot needs and maximize comfort and support.

Oboz LogoThe only potential issue found in testing the Oboz Lightning was the shoes lace high on the outer arch. When laced to the top eyelet, an uncomfortable pressure was felt on the top of my foot. When the laces were removed from the top eyelet, the pressure was relieved and a lack of stability or support wasn't noticed.

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Sarah Klingler

SKlinglerSarah Klingler, a Pittsburgh, Pa native, was practically born on the snow. Before she was 18 months old, her parents strapped her into her first pair of skis, and she fell in love with winter.

She's a ski instructor at Seven Springs resort, but when Klingler's not on the hill with students, you can find her snowshoeing, cross country and telemark skiing, or hiking through the pow with her snow-loving Labrador, Emma.

When the snow melts, Klingler mountain and road bikes, hikes, horseback rides, whitewater rafts, and dreams about chairlifts.

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