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Somnio Westridge Trail Running Shoes review
Written by Tara Wojtczak Ondish   
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Somnio Westridgeimages/SomnioYou can't get a better fitting shoe than this. A typical running shoe is designed to approximate comfort and utility for everyone. But running shoes should not be "one size fits all", and Somnio offers a shoe that is specific and personal. The Somnio Westridge trail runners are customizable to fit a runner's specifications.

Using Somnio's, F.E.A.T. (Functionally Engineered Adaptable Tricomponent) SYSTEM, the shoe can be customized with interchangeable foot beds, varus wedges and cushioning inserts. The shoe is customized to the runner's foot in four ways resulting in numerous combinations.

The foot bed offers three variations of the height of your arch. This is invaluable for runners who have uneven arches, flat feet or very high arches. Two inserts for heel and midsole offer varying degrees of cushioning for weight which result in greater comfort and shoe longevity.

And the varus wedges aid in alignment of your foot and knee and help reduce the risk of injury. It's like having an orthodic made for your favorite running shoes.

If you have a store near you, you can schedule a fitting with a consultant, but it's easy to customize at home. A phone call to Somnio with a few questions resulted in speaking with a knowledgeable rep who offered great suggestions for a perfect fitting shoe.

The Somnio Westridge handles nicely on the trails. They make your feet feel as if they are hugging the ground. The toe box is roomy, but no so much that your foot is sliding; it's comfortable.

Somnio_LogoThe shoes took a bit to get used to because of the initial stiffness in the heel. And even after a few weeks, the heel seemed unusually sturdy. The construction is durable. After two months of running on paved and uneven terrain, they are holding up and have become a favorite.

The Somnio Westridge trail runners are a great investment at $130. They fit like a glove and ride like a dream.

video/Somnio & YouTube

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Tara Wojtczak Ondish

Tara Wojtczak Ondish Tara Wojtczak Ondish is an English Instructor at Florida State College and was the Director of the college’s Learning Center. Ondish previously was an adjunct faculty member in Daytona Beach Community College’s English department.

A mother of two nature inspired daughters, Ondish has always been interested in helping children integrate fitness and an appreciation of nature and has worked with Waldorf and Montessori schools, both of whose teaching philosophies integrate natural living and respect for the environment into their pedagogies.

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