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Terra Plana VIVOBAREFOOT Evo Running Shoes review - Page 2
Written by David Nitkin   
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VIVOBAREFOOT EvoIncluded in the packaging is a brochure illustrating proper form while running in Evo: on your toes, with upper body canted forward at the waist. If you’re a heel-striker, and don’t feel like you can change your gait, this is not the product for you.

After the sole, the next thing you’ll notice is the ankles. The contours of the VIVOBAREFOOT Evo dip well below the ankle, making the sneaker feel almost like a slip-on.

The breathable mesh that makes up the upper portion adds hardly any weight.

The insole lining slips out for drying or cleaning, revealing high quality craftsmanship. The upper and lower halves of the shoe are glued and sewn together. The stitches inside are large, smooth and soft, offering maximum comfort.

The Evo looks almost like a regular sneaker. It won’t be immediately obvious that you are wearing a barefoot-style shoe. Unlike some competitors, Evo doesn’t ask the wearer to squeeze toes into individual compartments. This isn’t a glove for your foot; it’s a lightweight package of just enough protection to allow the mechanics of your body to go to work.

There’s a different mindset that comes with wearing a pair of Terra Plana VIVOBAREFOOT Evo. Running is no longer just an endeavor of mind and body. Now, the road is a competitor, joining the equation. As you go as far and as fast as you can, you are daring the road to throw a pothole in your path, or the trail to plunk a pebble between your toes.

VIVOBAREFOOT Logoimages/Terra PlanaAre your Achilles tendons and calf muscles up to the challenge? Will you be one of the few who leave the confines of traditional running shoes behind? Will Evo be your partner or your enemy?

The answer will come soon enough, stride by stride. (MSRP $160)


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David Nitkin

David NitkinDavid Nitkin looks to the outdoors for his endorphin fixes, and has spent his adulthood extending city roots into mountains and valleys.

A native of Boston, David's love of outdoor activities blossomed at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where the school's unique Outing Club encourages students to leave their dorm rooms in all seasons. The college requires incoming freshmen to strap on a backpack and head into the wilderness as a bonding experience that culminates with a breakfast of green eggs and ham at the Mount Moosilauke lodge to honor renowned alumnus Ted Geisel. If that doesn't make you go green, nothing will.

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