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7eye Churada Sunglasses review
Written by Jason Elliot   
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7eye Churada

Blue Sky Basin at Vail is in its 10th year. Anchoring the southern-most part of Vail's ski area, Blue Sky Basin is akin more to backcountry skiing than ho-hum resort skiing. Vail took an ecological approach and created a unique skiing experience.

Trees were selectively removed within the area with many of them being left to provide a challenge to skiers and boarders venturing to Blue Sky. The glade-style skiing gives you a backcountry feel with just under a 2,000-foot vertical drop.

Keeping your head on a swivel and your eyes focused on your path you are forging is a necessity. The 7eye Churada is a set of eyewear to keep your sightlines clear.

The Churada's are sunglasses. Instead of a strap from one side of the lens to the other, 7eye eyewear has temples which makes puts them in the sunglass category. Do not let the categorization fool you. These are sunglasses with goggle capabilities.

The Churada have an anti-fog coating on the interior of the lens. There weren't any significant issues with fogging. There was a slight fogging when going from the warmer interior confines to the blustery outdoors, but it clears up quickly after becoming acclimated with the colder temperatures.

7eye offers their patented 24:7 NXT Contrast lens as an option for the Churadas. The NXT technology in the lens was originally designed for bulletproof windshields for the U.S. military. 7eye's NXT lenses carry a lifetime guaranteed against breakage.

The photochromatic abilities of the 24:7 NXT Contrast lens from 7eye are equally as impressive. 7eye touts the lens as the most advanced photochromic sun lens material ever produced. And the Chruadas performed to their advanced billing.

Different lighting conditions are encountered with glade skiing such as in Vail's Blue Sky Basin. You can go from intense sunny conditions to the lower light encountered through the trees quickly. The 24:7 NXT Contrast lens adapted quickly to the changing light conditions.

7eye LogoThe 7eye Churada are a great set of high-end eyewear for skiing and boarding. 7eye offers three colors schemes for the frames – glossy black, brown crystal, and dark tortoise. The Churada retails for $219 with the 24:7 NXT Contrast lens. If you are looking for a lower price point, 7eye offers lower priced options with a different lens for the Churada – Re-Act NXT ($169) and Sharp View ($139).

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