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Gargoyles Cardinal & Balance Sunglasses review
Written by Sarah Klingler   
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Gargoyles_LogoWhether cycling, fly-fishing, running, tennis, skiing, or picnicking, a high performing pair of shades is needed for safety and comfort.

The Gargoyles brand has been respected in the sunglasses industry for years, but is sometimes overshadowed by Oakley or Smith Optics.  Recent trials of two styles – Cardinal and Balance - proved Gargoyles’ place with the leading performance eyewear brands.

Gargoyles recognized flat sunglasses left the eyes exposed and causes eyestrain compared to curved lenses.  Gargoyles’ Toric Curve Lens allows light to transmit directly to the eye without refraction or distortion.  Gargoyles protect against UVA, UVB, and UVC light and a polarized choice is also offered.  The lenses are clear and sharp and make a noticeable difference in your vision.

Green lens are a Gargoyles staple, designed so the wearer can locate and track objects in motion against differing outdoor backgrounds including water, sky, and ground.  The lenses were useful attempting to locate air traffic while flying and skiing during flat light.

Military, safety, and sport are the primary focuses of the Gargoyles brand, and the durability of their lens shows this commitment.  Dropped from a bicycle, shoved in ski-jacket pockets, lost in the back of a Subaru, and – probably most dangerous of all – stashed in a purse didn’t cause a scratch on the lenses and proved their durability.

Gargoyle Cardinal

Gargoyles CardinalThe Gargoyle Cardinal is ideal for the active outdoorsman.  They are semirimless -missing a bottom frame - allowing for an unobstructed view and are handy for peering over your shoulder when driving or cycling.

The nosepiece adjusts for maximum fit and comfort, and rubber temple and ear grips provide additional stability, making the Cardinal ideal for active wearers.  The hinges lock when opened to secure your sunglasses.

The Cardinal’s larger frame can be bulky on a smaller face, but they do provide maximum coverage and wind protection on long downhills on the bike or windy chairlift rides.

Gargoyles offers black or blue frames with the choice of green or smoke lens, which reduces light intensity without changing the color of objects.  (MSRP $110)

Gargoyle Balance

Gargoyles BalanceThe Gargoyles Balance style is more gender-neutral and works for the ladies.  The fully rimmed lenses are smaller and allow air through to your eyes from the bottom and the sides.

The Balance are more fashionable and trendy sporting a black or tortoise frame with two options for lens color technologies - Drive and Terrain.  The Drive lenses are smoke-colored lens that reduce light intensity without changing the color of objects.

The test pair had Terrain lens - brown and copper  lens that enhances contrast by blocking more blue light.  Terrain lenses help with changes in light and shadow and enhance contrast and warmer colors. They’re a soothing, gentle lens for all types of sunlight.

The Balance’s design lacks the sleek and sexy lines compared to the Cardinals but has a rubber temple grips and comfortable nosepiece.

The nonadjusting nosepiece slides more during active use, so reach for the Balance for a sunny drive or a stroll through town. The nosepiece won’t tangle in longer hair resting on your head. (MSRP $95 - $130)

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Sarah Klingler

SKlinglerSarah Klingler, a Pittsburgh, Pa native, was practically born on the snow. Before she was 18 months old, her parents strapped her into her first pair of skis, and she fell in love with winter.

She's a ski instructor at Seven Springs resort, but when Klingler's not on the hill with students, you can find her snowshoeing, cross country and telemark skiing, or hiking through the pow with her snow-loving Labrador, Emma.

When the snow melts, Klingler mountain and road bikes, hikes, horseback rides, whitewater rafts, and dreams about chairlifts.

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