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Haiku To-Go Bag review
Written by Katie Levy   
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To-Go BagIt can be a challenge to find the perfect bag for all of your needs. It has to be big enough to hold your essentials, small enough not to be bulky, and of course, it has to look good! Thanks to Haiku, there's a perfect bag for you.

The Haiku To-Go Bag is designed with all of the the poetic functionality typical of the company's products. The design is simple, but beautiful. The bag's seven pockets can hold everything from an iPad to two water bottles, all while being stylish and comfortable.

The front flap, complete with whimsical green and pink stitching, conceals two iPhone-sized pockets, a larger interior compartment and a zipped pocket. Being able to close the front flap allows for added security for these three pockets.

A second larger zipped pocket, located on the back of the bag, gives you access to anything you might need without unclipping the front flap. The two water bottle pockets stretch, leaving room for wider vessels. An adjustable shoulder strap makes it possible to wear the To-Go Bag comfortably as a shoulder bag or a cross body bag.

As with other Haiku bags I've owned, I continue to be surprised by how much it comfortably holds. The length of the webbing attached to the front flap clip is adjustable, which means more room inside the main compartment. I'm able to fit a magazine, a full outfit for the gym, my wallet, phone, large iPod, snacks, oversized keychain and 24 ounce coffee mug inside the main pocket alone. That leaves six more pockets for additional storage.

Haiku LogoThe To-Go Bag is carefully constructed with cyclePET fabric; you can be sure the folks at Haiku are as environmentally conscious as you are. cyclePET fabric is created from 100% post consumer beverage bottles. The fabric is durable and soft, and all dyes are free of carcinogenic materials, heavy metals and formaldehyde.

The only issue I have with the bag is the fact that the water bottle pockets are quite shallow. At just over six inches deep, the pockets are too small for my nine inch tall coffee mug. The mug sticks far enough out of the pockets that I worry about it falling out. The mug fits inside the main compartment, of course, but if the water bottle pockets are there, it would be great to see them extend the length of the bag.

Overall, the To-Go Bag is a beautiful, functional, wonderful accessory for any active girl! (MSRP $74)

Adventure-Inspired LogoKatie Levy is the founder of Adventure-Inspired. From rock climbing to hiking, from mountaineering to mountain biking and everything in between, Adventure-Inspired exists as a place to tell stories and share musings, gear reviews, and anything else related to playing outside.

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