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U R FREE 2BU review (Part 2)
Written by Jason Elliot   
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U R FREE 2BU's founder and chief adventure guide, Ryan Teixeira, is offering 21-days of Central and South American experiences that will inject adventure right into your veins.

"We seek out danger, physical challenge and tough situations. In so doing, it serves up the opportunity for clients to flush out their demons and discover themselves when they are running for the hills or charging with the spear in hand," said Teixeira.


A frilly 3-week excursion from a big box travel company could easily cost over $4,000 per person. U R FREE 2BU puts this together for an estimated cost of $2,280. That equates to a bit over a hundred bucks per day.

Teixeira concentrates trip activities around surfing and biking to stoke your adventurous flame. Added to pumping through rock gardens and riding out a shoredump is, travelers receive instruction on speaking Spanish and Portuguese languages along with limbering up with yoga.

Mixed in with the raw experience of third world towns is a bit of luxury. Seven nights of lodging is at 4-star hotels with and meals at top-end restaurants. A week of surfboard rentals and a video diary of the trip is part of the package.

U R FREE 2BU throws a well placed curve for the trip which makes it unique. There are 14 days that are raw in nature. You are at your own devices allowing you to tailor the trip to what makes your adrenaline pump.

Teixeira1"The majority of the time our clients are sorting out their own accommodations, food, etc., so they can immerse themselves with the local people and cultures," said Teixeira in an e-mail.

U R FREE 2BU's biking arrangement gives you the opportunity to give back at the end of your 21-day jaunt. You supply your own ride and donate the bike at the end of the trip to a school-aged child in need.

If you are looking for an adventurous trip to clear you head, surf, bike and relax, U R FREE 2BU's upcoming trip can be the right fit. The trip is an intimate experience and Teixeira limits it to 8 people. Airfare is not included in the trip cost, and U R FREE 2BU estimates the cost to be $650.

The next trip is tentatively scheduled to start June 23, 2010. For further information and to make reservations, visit the U R FREE 2BU website.

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on Ryan Teixeira & U R FREE 2BU. Part 1 provides a bio on Ryan Teixeria.

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