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Spy Optic Soldier Goggles review
Written by Jacquelyn Farris   
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Soldier_Wolf_ThumbSpy Optic is known for being fashion forward and is among the upper echelon of mountain eyewear.

All the cool kids are wearing hip eyewear when hitting the slopes. Remember being picked last for dodgeball in grade school PE because you were wearing the 'slow' sneakers? You don't want that to happen to you on the mountain and your goggle status shouldn't plague you the same way.

The Spy Optic Soldier is designed with comfort and durability in mind. The Soldier's flexible frame is designed to fit any face making the Soldier a frame for the ladies that like to ride with the boys. This could be a turnoff for guys that hate when their lady is borrowing their goggles, but comfort and form is everything.

The Spy Optic Soldier sports pivoting strap hinges provides a perfect feeling fit. The adjustable silicone ribbed strap keeps the Soldier goggles perfectly in place even if you happen to take an embarrassing face-plant off a kicker. No one will know because your goggles will be comfortably in place. The Spy Optic Soldier doesn't leave you an excuse to not rock a helmet because the adjustable strap fits most helmets.

Everyone likes wearing the best performing goggles on the market, but hates the skin imprint goggles leave around the eyes after taking them off. The Soldier's face foam is a moisture-wicking fleece that keeps your face dry while also reducing the dreaded goggle lines. You can now go to the afterhours mountain party without goggle marks.

The Spy Optic Soldier lenses are touted as antifog and feature a low-profile dual-lens design. Spy Optic's patented ventilation system is supposed to increase the antifog protection. In below-freezing weather, fogging and condensation build up occurred. The Spy Optic Soldier goggles may be ideal for spring riding or when warmer temperatures prevail.

Spy Optic Logoimages/Spy OpticYou're getting the cat's meow in high-end fashion backed by the comfort and fit you expect from Spy Optic. Whether it's doing some backcountry recon tracking down the freshest line or gondola hopping to get first tracks before hitting the rails in the mountain sun, the Spy Optic Soldier is where it's at for spring pow attacks.

The Spy Optic Soldier retails for $134.95.

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Jacquelyn Farris

Jacquelyn FarrisJacquelyn Farris, an Adventure Chaser at heart, lives in Oklahoma City, OK and is always glad to clarify that Oklahoma does have mountains.

Farris got her start in the action sports world working for one of the founders of vert ramp BMX riding, Mat Hoffman. While at Hoffman Bikes, she worked for the winter and summer ESPN X-Games and realized action sports was her passion. Farris kept a busy professional schedule while earning her degree in Sports Management with an emphasis in Photography from Adams State in Southern Colorado.

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