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Timbuk2 Swig Xpac Backpack review
Written by Jacquelyn Farris   
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Timbuk2 X-Pac Swigimages/Timbuk2Whether its bike commuting to work or riding a fixie to a favorite coffee shop, people are pedaling. It's the newest hip and eco mode of transportation. Okay, it's not new, but finally people are doing it.

So how are you supposed to haul daily 'necessities' when riding two wheels?

Three words: slim, stealth and sexy.

The Timbuk2 Swig Xpac Backpack is slim, stealth and sexy. It's the latest in the Timbuk2 backpack line and is lightweight and has bottomless loading possibilities.

The Swig Xpac Backpack has a large chief compartment and a kid sister sleeve up front for easy access to items you insist on carrying.

The large chief compartment has a laptop sleeve that holds a larger laptop and has side zip access for your computer for viewing. The easy access takes the frustration out of getting to your laptop.

The backpack was tested on long hauls to the corner store and rides to work.The Swig Xpac Backpack can hold work essentials or groceries with ease. It is a bike commuters dream, because items stowed in the pack stayed put and didn't shuffle once loaded.

There is nothing worse than a backpack swaying with every turn. The Swig Xpac kept its load organized and in place.

The shoulder straps are underwhelming at first, but this is where the excitement and a surprise hide.

The Swig Xpac features lightweight ergonomic shoulder straps that are low profile. Don't let the skinny straps trick you. They are made for comfort when pedaling aggressively or at a commuter pace. The Swig Lightweight Xpac's straps fit to your riding position and carry the load.

The Swig Xpac is consistent with the durability expected from Timbuk2 bags and packs although being lightweight. The sexy shiny XPac fabric gives you some high-end flash, and the waterproof TPU center panel gives you peace of mind when you get caught in a rain shower.

Timbuk2 LogoIf you're looking for something stealth-like with a little flash, the Timbuk2 Swig Xpac is the bag for you. It's hip with a sensible twist.

The Timbuk2 Swig Xpac Backpack retails for $140.

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Jacquelyn Farris

Jacquelyn FarrisJacquelyn Farris, an Adventure Chaser at heart, lives in Oklahoma City, OK and is always glad to clarify that Oklahoma does have mountains.

Farris got her start in the action sports world working for one of the founders of vert ramp BMX riding, Mat Hoffman. While at Hoffman Bikes, she worked for the winter and summer ESPN X-Games and realized action sports was her passion. Farris kept a busy professional schedule while earning her degree in Sports Management with an emphasis in Photography from Adams State in Southern Colorado.

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