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Where do we get the products we review?

The Federal Trade Commission mandates that "material connections" be disclosed by Web sites that provide product review content. receives the products we review through two channels. Product are:

  1. Bought through an online or brick-and-mortar retailer
  2. Provided as a free sample from a manufacturer or their representative

The vast majority of the products are provided as free samples from a manufacturer or from one of their represntatives. Regardless of how a product is received, a non biased review is conducted. We have developed an understanding with outdoor product manufacturers that our goal is to provide accurate consumer information and not to be a spokesperson for a particular manufacturer, product or service.

The contributing writers at are experienced journalists that have a passion for the outdoors. This combination of experience results in reviews that are accurate and factual based on the writers experience with the product. Each contributing writer puts aside their biases and preferences in the review.

Again thank you for your patronage and thanks for allowing us to bring you what's in outdoors.


Jason Elliot
Publisher & Editor


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